Eric + Logan
 We really did it! We're married!
Eric + Logan

Eric and Logan met through friends in their college town of Bozeman, MT in spring of 2004. Early into their relationship, they knew Eric was moving to Seattle with five friends in a couple of months. Even so, they decided to stay together against the long distance relationship advice of many and made a plan that Logan would move to Seattle upon graduation. Two years were filled with miles by car and plane, hours by phone, and plenty of happy hellos and sad goodbyes.

Logan moved to Seattle the day after her graduation and they have been happily living in Seattle together. They enjoy backpacking, cooking, friends, pubs, traveling and much more. They own a condo in a great Seattle neighborhood, Capitol Hill, with their wacky orange cat, Oliver.

Logan was born and raised by her parents, Bill & Kristin, just outside of Glacier National Park, MT. She loved competing in tennis and volleyball or a good game of Kick the Can with neighborhood friends and her brother Sam. Logan graduated from Columbia Falls High School and was off to Montana State University, Bozeman in 2001.

Eric was born and raised by his parents, Jim & Kathy, in Missoula, MT. He liked Tinkertoys, Legos, taking apart broken electronics, and even dressed up as a computer for Halloween when in fourth grade. Eric graduated from Sentinel High School and was off to Montana State University, Bozeman in 1999.