Eric + Logan
 We really did it! We're married!
Wedding Party
Sara Kavanagh - Maid of Honor
Sara Kavanagh - Maid of Honor

I met Sara when I was a freshman in high school. Sara was a senior, like my brother Sam, and would sometimes volunteer to be a line judge at my volleyball games. Although I didn't know Sara well, she always had a smile on her face and was everyone's friend. I remember telling my parents one day, "Sara is the nicest person I've ever met".

Sara and Sam started dating at the end of high school and our friendship grew. Sara is now my sister-in-law and the mother of the most beautiful little girl, Amelia. I am so happy to have Sara in our lives and stand by me in our wedding.

Sara is loving, supportive, happy, adventurous, and a great friend.

...and now that I know her well, I know that Sara is truly one of the nicest people I've ever met.


Daniel Fallou - Best Man

I met Daniel when we happened to be working part time delivering appliances at Bozeman TV, Furniture, and Appliance in Bozeman, MT in the summer of 2002. As it turned out, we were also in Montana State University's Computer Science program in the same year. In the summer of 2003, after graduating, the two of us went on a road trip to Las Vegas and southern California. It was this trip that would eventually inspire us, with four close friends, to move to Seattle the following year.

Daniel is quick, witty, fun, a talented musician, and a great friend.


Daniel Fallou - Best Man